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Dr. Subhash Aggarwal
President, IAGES
Dear friends, I extend warm greetings on behalf of IAGES. It is an honour to lead this esteemed organization, founded by pioneers like Dr Tehemton Erach Udwadia, aiming to promote Minimal Access Surgery (MAS). Our theme for 2024-25 is "Together We Can," emphasizing collaboration. We aspire to extend MAS benefits nationwide without compromising quality. I am proud of our team of skilled laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeons, ready to share their knowledge and train others worldwide. IAGES offers a "Travelling Fellowship" Grant of Rs 100,000 for a six-week training period to ten members annually. The application form is available on our website iages.in. Thanks to the dedication of past presidents, office bearers, and executive members, IAGES is now the world's largest organization of laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeons. We continue to pioneer academic courses like FIAGES for basic MAS training and advanced courses in various fields of surgery and endoscopy. This year we are going to start. "Team training" program. Stay updated on our upcoming events and awards at iages.in Long live lAGES Yours always, Dr. Subhash Aggarwal President IAGES 2024-25
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