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Prof Dr. Sunil popat President, IAGES Dear Iages Members & Friends It is indeed a great pleasure and privilege to write to you as President of the most prestigious laparascopic surgeons’ organisation. IAGES is in its 28th year of existence and it is my great honour to be 17th Iages President. IAGES is a very vibrant organisation of about 8000 Surgeons having many academic activities. Due to Covid Pandemic, last Year there were plenty of Online academic activities. As the COVID Numbers are reducing and with availability of Vaccine, it seems that this year Iages will be able to do Onsite Academic Activities. Apart from FIAGES and EFIAGES, this year We plan to do FALS in various sub specialities such as Upper GI, Hernia, ColoRectal, Bariatrics, Robotics etc. There is planning for Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship Course - FAGIE also. Iages Fellowship Boards are working hard to work out best programs for You. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is the landmark Laparoscopic Surgery which made all the difference and is one of the most commonly done laparoscopic surgery. There are some serious complications of Laparascopic Cholecystectomy which need to be prevented. To generate more awareness about Safe Lap Chole and impart adequate skills for the same, IAGES is starting Safe Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Task Force. This Task Force will organise several Skill Courses / Single Theme Conferences for Safe Lap Chole. The sole intention will be to help surgeons prevent Complications of Lap Chole particularly Bile Duct Injury. Such programs will be carried out in different parts of the Country to spread the knowledge and skills. Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery is done in India since more than 22 years. However till today more than 80% of Hernias are operated by Open Method. The advantages of Laparascopic Hernia Surgeries are not reaching to all Patients of the Country because of the technical difficulty and longer learning curve. IAGES is starting Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery Task Force to tide over this problem and train more and more surgeons in Laparoscpic Hernia Surgery. This Task Force will superwise the execution of various Laparoscopic Hernia Programs across the Country. This program will concentrate teaching and training Surgeons for Laparoscopic Inguinal & Ventral Hernias. During the year, IAGES will organise many Online Programs like Iages Prime Time, Master Class, Digital CME etc. Iages also arrange Online Paper Publishing Courses for the members to help them present their vast clinical data and experience. Web Programs have opened up borders of areas and countries and International programs can be done easily. This academic year We shall have 2 IAGES National Congresses. Our February 2021 Congress in Coimbatore, is postponed to May 2021 for better Onsite participation from Surgeons. February 2022 IAGES National Congress will be held in Rajahmundri, Andhrapradesh at GSL Medical College. IAGES Members are blessed with this unique opportunity to learn, teach, present and share their unique surgical work during these events. It will also be an opportunity to catch up on the friendships and fellowships we dearly missed last year due to Pandemic Situation. JMAS, the flagship journal of IAGES is now Digital and the link is mailed regularly to Members by the publisher. You can also access it from Webpage iages.in. JMAS is having very good impact factor and provides variety of articles and information. If you have any difficulty in receiving JMAS, You can write to Iages Honorary Secretary or the punlisher. IAGES has announced various Travelling Fellowships, Reasearch Awards etc. , the information related to that will be shared on the IAGES Website. Honorary Secretary ‘s office will gladly assist You if you have any queries in this regard. IAGES Website is very informative and updated regularly. It provides relevant informations from time to time. Very soon You will have IAGES Mobile App giving you all these details and more at the click of button on your mobile. IAGES updates its Membership Data regularly. Please do inform Honorary Secretary‘s office if you have any change of Number or Email. Friends, I thank you all for giving me this opportunity to serve the IAGES. Let us All Rise beyond the horizon and work together to achieve unseen heights in the fields of Laparascopic & Endoscopic Surgeries. Let us provide the best Laparoscopic / Endoscopic Surgical Solutions to our beloved patients. I wish very best of health and happiness to you and your family all through out the year. Stay Safe and Take due precautions. Thanks & Regards,
Prof Dr Sunil D Popat
President - IAGES
Chairman - GI & Laparoscopic Surgery
Nidhi Hospital, Ahmedabad
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