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Prof Dr. L. P. Thangavelu President, IAGES Dear Friends and colleagues, It is a great honour to be given the privilege to Preside over this vibrant and prestigious association of IAGES. IAGES has been a leader in bringing numerous structured training programs in various areas of Minimal access surgery. IAGES has more than 8000 life members. FIAGES is a flagship laparoscopic course covering from basic to various sub speciality topics. It lays lot of emphasis on hands on training of laparoscopic knotting and suturing. EFIAGES is an one of a kind fellowship course which is structured on teaching surgeons to perform endoscopy and colonoscopy with hands on training. It also covers basic therapeutic endoscopic procedures. FALS is an unique course developed to address the gap of sub specialities in our training program. It covers the most updated techniques followed around the world by eminent faculty. We have 7 different sub speciality courses to choose from based on their interest. FAGIE is an advanced endoscopy course developed to train surgeons in advanced endoscopic interventions like Poem, spyglass to name a few procedures. Critical view of safety is a well established concept, but still poorly understood and followed correctly among the majority of surgeons leading to devastating complication for the patient. In order to standardize and ensure safe practice we have designed a dedicated cholecystectomy course discussing in detail on how to objectively assess and dissect a correct critical view of safety in our day to day practice. Hernia is one of the commonest conditions for which we perform surgeries routinely, but still more than 80 % of them are performed by open technique. This is due to the complexity of the anatomy and steep learning curve. We have designed a special course to discuss in detail the nuances involved in performing a durable repair. Live surgical demonstration is also part of the program. We have many online activities planned, so that we can have the benefit to learning from international faculties on various topics from the comfort of our homes. The national conference for the year 2023 is scheduled to take place in Coimbatore in February 2023. It is going to be an extensive program covering all common sub specialties with live surgical workshop, international lectures, orations and hands on training centers to name a few. The best presentation in the conference will attract a cash prize of Rs. 50000 for 6 delegates. JMAS the journal of our society, is getting more popular every year and has a healthy impact factor. It is an online journal now which is sent to all our members. The quality of articles received for the acceptance are improving by leaps and bounds every year.  IAGES has various intiatives for the benefit of our fellow members like traveling fellowships, research awards, pg thesis awards, to name a few.  MAS for all is the theme for the year. I invite all of you to contribute towards the growth of our IAGES family. Warm regards,
Prof Dr. L. P. Thangavelu
President - IAGES
Chairman Ashwin Hospital
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