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Dr Ramen Goel, MS, FRCSEd FIAGES, FALS President, IAGES Dear friends, Greetings from the desk of the President. It is an enormous responsibility to carry legacy of great surgeons who have occupied this position in past. IAGES is an academic body with focus on education, training and re-certification of surgeons. I re-affirm our commitment to organize and improve on various established programs like FIAGES, FALS, EFIAGES, FAGIE etc. Almost 30 years after laparoscopy was introduced in India, majority of surgeons are well versed in basic & advanced laparoscopy skills. I believe, it is time that we help our members focus on meaningful research and publication of quality data. To this end, my Executive Committee has announced.
  • 5 research grants of Rs 1 lakh each for post graduate students across country for relevant thesis topics
  • 6 awards of Rs 50,000/- each for best paper/video in national conference
  • 3 awards of Rs 1 lakh each to selected original articles by Indian authors in JMAS
  • 5 awards of Rs 1 lakh each with most or quality publications in any journal
  • 10 travelling fellowships of Rs 1 lakh each for young surgeons for training period of minimum 6 weeks at an IAGES recognized center
I believe that our members have potential to help/train our colleagues in neighbouring countries. I propose to have an arrangement with surgical associations of these countries based on transparency and reciprocity. This will encourage surgeons from these countries to get trained in India and also apply for fellowship programs of IAGES. Our members also get an opportunity to present their work in annual conferences of these associations and get to know our neighbours well. I have announced 2 orations to felicitate Prof H G Doctor and Dr Pradeep Choubey who have contributed substantially in growth of IAGES. It is time we show our gratitude to these stalwarts & founding fathers of MAS in India. We are making every possible effort to improve quality of presentations and I hope IAGES national Conference at Coimbatore in February 2021 will live upto your expectations. IAGES is collaborating with Royal College of Surgeons to organize a conference at Edinburgh in July 2020. I am sure this academic exercise will improve research orientation and help develop guideline-based practice in India. Friends, we are well aware of your expectations and I take this opportunity to assure you, on behalf of my executive committee, that we will strive hard to live up to them. Please feel free to suggest any changes to improve. #Together We Can… Ramen Goel
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