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7th Feb 2021 Opportunity in the midst of adversity Dr Ramen Goel, Dr TE Udwadia
Dr SN Shrikande, DR B Krishna Rau,
Dr Davide Lomanto

Host: Dr S Easwaramoorthy,
Ms Ramaprabha Easwaramoorthy
24th Jan 2021 40 years of progress in peritoneal metastases

Medical Ethics in Clinical practice
Dr Paul Sugarbaker
Host: Dr B S Somashekhar

Dr B N Gangadhar
Host: Dr Ramen Goel
10th Jan 2021 Advancing surgical education in India

The Current Indian system and its validity in 2021
Dr Abhijit Sheth

Dr Pawanindralal
Host: Dr Ramen Goel
27th Dec 2020 Reminisce With the legends

Intracorporeal Colonicanastomosis - Has its time come?
Prof Barry Salky

Prof C Palanivelu

Host : Prof Abhay Dalvi,
Dr Ramen Goel
13th Dec 2020 Reminisce With the legends

MIS Edocrine Surgery
Dr Pradeep Chowbey
Host : Dr Deep Goel

Dr Michelle Gagner
Host: Dr Subhash khanna
22nd Nov 2020 Legend in Conversation Dr Davide Lomanto
Host : Dr Ramesh Agarwalla

Dr M C Misra
Host: Dr Sandeep Agarwal
8th Nov 2020 Legend in Conversation

Evolution of Bariatric surgery
Dr Mathias Fobi

Host: Dr Jaydeep Palep
25th Oct 2020 Antireflux surgery - lessons learnt over 4000 operations

Legend in Conversation
Dr David I Watson
Host : Dr Sunil D Popat

Dr S Vittal
Host: Dr S Easwaramoorthy
11th Oct 2020 Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Legend in Conversation
Dr J B Agarwal

Dr V N Shrikande
Host : Dr Ramen Goel
27th Sep 2020 Evolution of MIS Training

Legends in Conversation
Sir Alfred Cuschieri

Dr T E Udwadia

Host : Dr Ramen Goel,
Dr Pawanindra lal
13th Sep 2020 Man, Myth, Legend

Laparoscopic Hiatal Hernia Surgery- Current Scenario
Dr B Krishna Rau

Dr Ajay Kriplani
Host : Dr K Govindaraj
30th Aug 2020 Pearls of wisdom

POEM - The State of Art in Achalasia cardia
Dr T E Udwadia

Prof Hashiro Innoue
Host : Dr Ramen Goel
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