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IAGES Prime 2021

Date Topics Faculty Scan the QR Code to Watch View
09th February 2022 IPOM PLUS for Ventral Hernia - Tips for Success

TAPP - Step by Step

Component Separation for Ventral Hernias

TEP - Master the Art and Skills

SCOLA for Ventral Hernia

Panel Discussion on Complications of Laparoscopic Hernia Surgeries
Dr Sunil D Popat

Dr Ajay Kriplani

Dr Ramesh Punjani

Dr Rajesh Khullar

Dr T Sivakumar

Dr Ramesh Agarwalla
26th January 2022 Laparoscopic Right Hemi Colectomy

Laparoscopic Anterior Resection

Laparoscopic IPAA

Panel Discussion - Complications of Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgeries
Dr. Keyur Bhatt

Dr. Ashwin D’souza

Dr. Raj Pandian

Panelists - All 3 above Speakers
29th December 2021 Basics of Medical Writing

How to Decide on Authorship, Misconduct in Scientific Writing

Why do Journals Rejects Articles?

How to Research & Why Publish?
Dr Anil Sharma

Prof Rajeev Kumar

Prof Sandeep Aggarwal

Dr Ramen Goel
6th October 2021 Complications of Sleeve Gastrectomy

Complications of RYGB

Complications of MGB / OAGB

Nutritional Complications of Bariatric Surgeries

Complications of ESG
Dr Sandeep Agarwal

Dr Rajesh kullar

Dr Arun Prasad

Dr Sarfaraz Baig

Dr Mohit Bhandari
19th September 2021 IAGES-ALSGBI- Intercontinental Webinar

Evolution and Expansion of Laparoscopic Surgery in India and Role of IAGES

Evolution of Minimal Access Surgery in UK and Role of ALSGBI

CRISS-CROSS Multi Faculty Case Based Discussion
Prof T Udwadia

Prof Mike Parker

Mr Sri Vishnu Thulasiraman

Ms Elizabeth Omara

Dr Piyush Agarwal
1st September 2021 Laparoscopic Pancreatic Resections - Is it conquered?

Laparoscopic Hepatic Resections - Why, When & How?
Prof C Palanivelu

Dr P Senthilnathan
18th August 2021 Challenges and Complications in weight Loss Surgery Dr Huang, Chih-Kun
4th August 2021 New Vistas in Foregut and Bariatric Surgical Endoscopy

ERCP in 2021 and Beyond
Dr. Matthew Kroh

Prof. Nageshwar Reddy
14th July 2021 Rectal Trauma - Tips & Tricks in Management

Management of Rectal Prolapse in Current Era
Prof Ricardo G Escalante

Prof Ramesh Ardhanari
30th June 2021 Usefulness of subtotal Cholecystectomy in serve Calculous Cholecysititis

Ideal Procedure for Achalasia Cardia
Dr Deepraj Bhandarkar
Dr Lakshmi Konakumari

Dr Amol Bapaya
Dr Patankar
16th June 2021 Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy - Technical Tips & Tricks

Laparoscopic Splenectomy - Ten Commandments
Dr Abhay Dalvi

Dr Ajay Kriplani
02nd June 2021 Managing Pancreatic ancers in the Era of Minimal Invasive Surgery

Surgery for Chronic Pancreatitis Today & Tomorrow
Dr Shailesh V Shrikhande
Dr H Ramesh
19th May 2021 Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Rectal Cancer
Prof. Adarsh Chaudhary
Dr Deep Goel
28th April 2021 Thoracoscopic & Robotic Thoracic Surgery - An Overview

Life Beyond Surgery
Dr. (Prof) Arvind Kumar
Dr. Parveen Bhatia
7th April 2021 Evolution and Future of Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery in India Dr. Pradeep Choubey
Dr.G.V. Rao
24th March 2021 Evolution of Bariatric Surgery in India Dr. Shashank Shah

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