Training Centres

Institutes offering training programmes

in Laparoscopic Surgery

Training Centre Guidelines

Guidelines for training centers to be recognized by IAGES

Following is required for basic laparoscopic training centre.

  • Medical college/ Hospital / Nursing Home Minimum Beds: 20-30
  • Patient Material and Laparoscopic work
  • Lecture room for theoretical lectures and video sessions
  • Models for Training/Animal Lab
    There needs to be at least one pelvitrainer. An animal lab is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Video Library
    Video Cassettes / CD ROMs: 100 basic procedures & 50 advanced procedures.
  • Laparoscopic reference books
    10 reference books (latest) and 2 subscription for laparoscopic journals.
  • Recognized preceptors (1-2 in number) or may be group practice.
    • Requirements of preceptor

      • MS Surgery
      • Member of IAGES -5 years.
      • Laparoscopic surgery & conventional surgery, minimum 5 years experience in each system
      • Academic contribution in field of laparoscopic surgery (Published articles / papers, guest lectures, paper presentations)
      • Competent in his/her efforts to teach the surgeons.
      • Adequate equipment
        Medical grade camera, Medical grade video monitor, light source cable, telescope, insufflator, video recorder, routine major surgical set of instruments, boyles apparatus,

      Ventilator, UPS system

      • Indoor facilities in the hospital / nursing home.
      • Anaesthetic facilities including pulse oximeter, capnograph
      • Adequate staff , Theatre assistant, staff nurses

      Time of inspection

      Receipt of applications in prescribed format: -Till 31st July
      every year Inspection Date - In September or October

      Inspection Committee Members

      National Representative.
      Zonal Vice- President/Member
      IAGES Non EC member from the Zone
      The traveling expenses and local expenditure will be born by the centre to be inspected.

      Detailed course contents/syllabus/schedule (day wise) to be sent and should be approved by the IAGE5 committee.